Message Info NWA 014-15 “International – the francophone Parliamentary Assembly: new version of the website” February 2015

Dear Member, Dear partner,

What a pleasure to inform you that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie(APF), which brings together parliaments and inter parliamentary organizations sharing the Francophonie chartes just put online a new version of its internet site to best radiation of the work of the members and making a greater place in the multimedia and social networking.

As a place of debate, proposals and exchanges of information on all subjects of common interest to parliamentarians, the APF participates in the institutional life of the Francophonie while implementing actions in the fields of inter parliamentary cooperation and the development of democracy. In order to publicize its activities online, the new version of the website puts forward an interactive mapping of the sections, the members of the inter-parliamentary organization and the work they do on a daily basis to support la Francophonie within the Parliament.

The new website has a more modern aesthetic and an internal search engine that now allows to find quickly and simply all the documents, reports and resolutions produced by the APF. The site can at as time enriched with new content.

You can consult the new version of the website of the APF to address:

A message written by Mrs Sandrine Messomo, lawyer right the Affairs, doctoral student in law – Université Laval (Québec – Canada) and intern at the NWAAssociation, whom we thank.

Francophone parliamentarians meeting within the APF are valuable allies to the causeof standardization as a tool for sustainable economic development. I encourage youto know more about the action of the APF.

Very best regards,

Marie-Claude Drouin

General Secretary

Association NWA


Web site:

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