Message Info NWA 013-15 “International – proposal of a new international standard on bamboo, rattan and derivatives products – February 2015”

Dear Member, Dear partner,

The NWA association wishes to draw your attention to a new proposal ISO on Standardization of bamboo products, rattan and their derivatives, including terminology, classification, specifications, test methods and quality requirements.

At present, there are more than 50 producers of bamboo and rattan in the world, including China, the India, the Indonesia, the Philippines, the Brazil, the Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, etc. The main consumers are countries of the European Union, the United States, the Canada, the Japan and the Republic of Korea. The global volume of trade in bamboo and rattan products amounted to US $ 5 billion, these resources constituting a means of livelihood for nearly 1.5 billion people in the world. However, the lack of uniform standards slows the development of the international trade in bamboo and rattan. Some countries and some regions have begun to develop their own national and sectoral standards because of the status quo. At the global level, the limited number of international standards on bamboo and rattan as well as their narrow scope products do not cover various categories of these products and their derivatives on the market.

International standards on bamboo and rattan will encourage efficient use of these resources in the world, in addition to supporting economic growth and to meet the subsistence needs of the populations. These standards will serve as a guide to businesses around the world, in particular the small and medium enterprises in developing countries, to increase trade in bamboo and rattan products, their value and their competitiveness, and will facilitate global trade.

You are therefore requested to transmit to your national standards body (NSB) all your comments on this new proposal of ISO standards on bamboo and rattan. If you do not know your NSB, do not hesitate to know let me and I will gladly put you in touch.

Shipments of comments deadline is April 8, 2015.

In closing, we wish to thank the Canadian Standards Council and specifically, Mrs. Suzanna Ersoy, who has wanted to send us the information in french about this new area of standardization.

Very best regards,

Marie-Claude Drouin

General Secretary

Association NWA


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