Publishing House

The 49th ARSO Council meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya on 14th – 15th November 2014 had ADOPTED and APPROVED the proposed initiatives of the Central Secretariat as presented, with Regard to Establishing the ARSO Publishing House.

The Council Noted that over the years, ARSO had been producing information materials for its activities and programmes, including:

  • Boosting African Trade
  • The ARSO Network of Documentation and Information (ARSO-DISNET)
  • ARSO Foundation from the beginning
  • Reasons to be a member of ARSO
  • Establishment and operationalization of NSBs
  • African standards Harmonization Models
  • Mainstreaming African SMEs
  • Benefits and Advantages of standardisation
  • ARSO Constitution
  • ARSO strategic Framework 2012 -2017

ARSO publishing House objectives

  • Expand scope of publications at ARSO beyond the Quarterly Newsletter and web based content.
  • Ensuring that Key original African Information on standardisation is published and made available.
  • Ensure that Key ARSO information outputs are disseminated to members and relevant stakeholders
  • Establishing and maintaining linkages with member States and stakeholders
  • Facilitating international relations and outreach programmes to promote the visibility of ARSO
  • Dissemination of valuable information emanating from ARSO activities, research, technical committees and engagements necessary for ARSO programmes
  • Developing and maintaining sound information and knowledge databases
  • Act as a Publishing House for members and Stakeholders
  • Resource mobilisation with respect Revenue earned from Commissions


  • Editorial services with respect to editing of the Manuscripts and books
  • Review of the Books and manuscripts
  • Extensive and High-quality publishing at an affordable price through a contract
  • Marketing and Global distribution of the published work going beyond Africa
  • Classification of the published work ensuring availability in leading libraries through recognized classification systems.

ARSO Publishing standards  – What Does ARSO Publishing House Publish?

The ARSO Publishing house shall focus on publishing books on areas of standardisation and Regional Economic integration in Africa that promote intra-African and Global Trade. These include manuscripts that:

  • Standardisation
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Metrology
  • Accreditation
  • Information Products (Bibliographies, Catalogues),
  • Workshop Reports,
  • Training Manuals

ARSO will solicit titles from authors and post interests in interest for new titles on freelance writer’s sites

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