African Trade Web Portal

The African Trade Web Portal has been developed as a tool to aid trade activities among African Countries by the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO).

This is a support programme and policy initiative which is aimed at the development of national and international information systems which will provide global knowledge on trade related issues and ways in which to facilitate free flow of goods dues to the readily provided information in this System.

Eventually creating an information-driven society.

The African Trade Web-Portal aims at:

  • Creating an effective information exchange platform which will provide detailed information on standards; technical regulations and conformity assessment requirements on inter African trade.
  • Enabling traders to make arrangements for compliance to standards, Technical Regulations and conformity assessment.
  • Providing information required to be provided by ARSO to:
  1. Identify the nature of trade barriers facing strategic staple foods commodities as identified by the Abuja Food Security Summit of 2006.
  2. Identify, with respect to maize, the TBT information gaps that traders face in order to make import/export decisions from one African country to the other, within the scope of the WTO TBT Agreement including but not limited to technical regulations, product quality and safety standards, labelling and packaging requirements and conformity assessment requirements.
  3. Identify training needs for the national officials who will be in charge of gathering and updating the African Trade Web-Portal at the national level with regards to the most traded products.


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