Need for Register of African Experts in Standardization

The increasing importance of international standardisation especially in globalisation process gives ARSO a critical challenge in many issues especially the need for a call on a re-orientation in African governments economic policy to place standardisation in the centre of policy development and implementation.

By its mandate, ARSO is co-ordinating activities related to the development of African Standardisation and Conformity Assessment Infrastructure to facilitate trade by making the African Countries to compete fairly in a global trading system where, increasingly, strict requirements apply with regard to product quality, safety, health and environmental impacts.

The active participation of ARSO as an Apex African standardisation body in this process range from increasing standardisation awareness among African standardization stakeholders; building dialogue and providing feedback on key standardization and quality issues, developing effective information exchanges through forums and information sources as well  as promoting effective adequate access to the standardisation structures, expertise and resources by the standardisation experts and stakeholders.

Within the African enterprises themselves, the dialogue and cooperation should be enhanced between the Standardisation and Conformity Assessment Experts so as to highlight the challenges and strategy for improving the African standardization and conformity assessment infrastructure.

This will always ensure that standardisation activities are set up, as visible output of the interaction between Standardisation and Conformity Assessment Experts.

It is for this that ARSO has set to develop a database on African Standardisation Experts to make them available for access and utilisation by member States, development partners, African Researches and others. The database is believed to constitute an essential information base where stakeholders could tap into for identifying trained workforce they require to establish and maintain African Standardisation and Conformity Assessment infrastructure.

This process started with the collection of bio data from African experts all over the continent. So far a total of 132 Experts in the field of Standardisatio, Quality Assurance, Metrology, Testing and Accreditation and ISO Management System (ISO 9001; ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001) have been included in the ARSO African Standardisation Experts Database.

This information has been presented according to the various countries in alphabetical order.

Registration Procedures

ARSO encourages all Standardization Experts in Standards Development, Metrology, Quality Assurance, Testing, Certification, Inspection, Sanitary, Phyto-Sanitary, Health, etc to register using the following forms:

Click on the Link to Register as an Expert: Click Here to Register Online

The registration of African Standardization Experts is a free service offered by ARSO to all Member States of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

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